The Path to Wealth, With Marco Kozlowski

August 15, 2018
If there is one thing Marco Kozlowski wants everyone to know going in, it is that the path to wealth is rarely easy. In his case, in fact, it was quite the struggle, fought over a long period of time. Early on, Marco was a concert pianist and, like many in his position, he was young and broke, even though he had a family to take care of and support. Because of this, for some time he accepted just about any type of hourly work as a way to make ends meet. And he barely did so.

Marco Kozlowski

At some point, Marco Kozlowski put caution to the wind and decided to move to Ottawa, so that he could fulfill his dream of owning and operating his very own music school. Even though the move was frightening, he allowed hope to take charge over fears and it was a good thing he did. His first music school worked out so well, he decided to open another in Florida, which is what opened up his world and provided him with opportunities he could never have imagined, since they had to do with using Florida real estate to create wealth.